(WPRI) — People across Southern New England are dealing with broken pipes after dangerously cold temperatures hit over the weekend.

Plumbers have been left scrambling to repair busted pipes that caused flooding at schools, homes and businesses.

Travis Jonasson said he has spent the last 48 hours in Needham, Massachusetts, jumping from one house to the next as his phone continues to ring nonstop with calls he has no time to answer.

“It’s been crazy, I’ve probably fielded 600 calls,” his father Carl Jonasson said. “We prioritize. If you have been my customer for the last fifteen years we are going to you first.”

Schools and businesses have been forced to temporarily close, while others are dealing with damage in their homes.

In Weymouth, Keira Driscoll said water was pouring from the ceiling of her condo, and has had a hard time finding a plumber to come fix it.

Nineteen others in her complex said they had the same problem but she was told a plumber may not be able to come until next Tuesday.

“There’s a lot of problems and a lot of suffering going on,” Driscoll said. “As much as you want your things done first everybody’s in the same position right now. So you just have to be patient.”

If you are still experiencing an issue, experts say to shut off your water and prepare to wait — it may take a plumber a couple of days to even return your phone call.