EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — When a winter storm hits, there’s often a risk of power outages, which can sometimes last for hours, or even days.

Below are five simple ways to help keep yourself and your family as warm as possible until your electricity is restored:

Close all window blinds and curtains

This will help keep any remaining heat from escaping, as well as keep the colder air out.

Keep all doors closed

This too will help preserve heat in the rooms of your home, which is especially important in your bedrooms.

Cover cracks with towels or rags

You probably have some old towels or rags somewhere in your house, so use them to your advantage. Cover all the cracks in doors and windows to avoid losing heat.

While we’re on the topic of winter safety tips, the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning increases during the colder months, so it’s crucial to make sure you have working smoke/CO detectors in your home.

Wear warm, loose-fitting and lightweight clothing

It’s important to find a balance between dressing too warm or not dressing warm enough. A light sweater or fleece is a good option, along with socks and pants made of cotton. Avoid over-layering since you don’t want your body to overheat.

Eat food and stay hydrated

This may seem obvious, but it’s just as important, since food gives us energy. However, you want to avoid certain foods and liquids, such as those containing caffeine or alcohol. Instead, focus on drinking water or sports drinks, and make sure to have nonperishable foods stored in your home just in case.