Happy Saturday!

Overall the first half of this weekend looks to be a bit of a washout. We’re looking forward to a cool, cloudy, and rainy Saturday followed by a still cool and cloudy, but drier Sunday.

Temperatures will stay pretty stagnant throughout the day today, not really picking up much further than the low to mid-50s.

Today’s rain is all thanks to the remnants of what was hurricane Ian pushing north. With the rain, we’ll also see some more windy conditions move across our region.

A Gale warning has been issued for coastal waters. Northeast winds at about 20-30 knots with gusts upwards of 40 knots are possible with seas of 7-10 feet out over the open water. Rought waters and strong wind will cause hazardous seas which could capsize or damage vessels and reduce visibility.

Throughout the day today, we’ll stay cloudy with multiple rounds of heavy rain, localized flooding might be a concern at times.

Late this evening the rain will begin to tapper off and we’ll see just a few lingering showers during the overnight hours.

Sunday starts off soggy but overall will be an improvement in comparison to Saturday. It still looks to be mostly cloudy and cool, but the rain chances are much lower.