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If you’re trying to figure out the best day to pick out a Christmas tree this weekend, I’ll make the decision for you….today.  Sunday will be rainy.

At least we have half a weekend with nice weather.  Saturday started off cold, but beautiful in Narragansett.  Temperatures today will rise into the low 40s by early afternoon.

Clouds will arrive late Saturday as a storm system, now to our west, moves into the Northeast.

Expect dry weather through most of the evening, but showers will begin to arrive by midnight.  It’s possible there could be some sleet pellets mixed with the rain at first.  However, the atmosphere above our heads will be warming up quickly enough so that most of the precip with this next storm will be in the form of rain.

The winds will be picking up, too, as we head toward dawn on Sunday.  Some gusts to 30mph are possible Sunday. Expect rain everywhere Sunday morning, with batches of heavy rain possible.

The computer models, which we use as tools to forecast the weather, indicate that some rumbles of thunder are possible late morning and early afternoon on Sunday.

The rain will taper off to showers and drizzle by mid to late afternoon.

While most of the precipitation in our area will be in the form of rain with this storm, snow, sleet and ice are possible well to our north and west.  Keep that in mind if you’re traveling this weekend.  Winter Weather Advisories have been posted for western Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and parts of New York.

By the way, this November was the second wettest on record for Providence.  The fall (September 1 – November 30) was also the second wettest on record.  And, if you’re keeping score at home, with a month to go, this is the third wettest year on record.

After Sunday’s rain ends, the weather looks mostly quiet for the rest of the week.  We will be monitoring an ocean storm on Wednesday.  If it comes close enough, we could see some snow showers.

-Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo

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