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Endeavor Mission: Waking up at the Benchmark

Good morning! We are waking up this morning east of New Jersey and south of Nantucket.  We are near a spot called the 'benchmark' by meteorologists.  We are approximately 60 nautical miles northwest of 40°N 70°W.  

This area on the globe is well-known by meteorologists because if a winter storm passes over this spot, Southern New England could get a good wallop of snow.  No snow here this morning, but we are getting thunder and lightning! During our live interview from the Endeavor, we heard the thunder and Michelle Muscatello tweeted this picture. 



Before the live interview it was raining a little as the sun was coming up.

...and here is that thunderstorm as it was developing to our west.

We are over the Contiental Shelf which is approximately 100 miles south of Rhode Island.  Here the teachers will be learning more experiments today.  Be sure to watch tonight at 6:15PM on Channel 12!

-Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo

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