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Endeavor Mission: The Food


Before I even stepped foot onboard the R/V Endeavor, all I heard about was the food.  I like food.  So, I was looking forward to the meals.

When I got aboard the Endeavor, I met the man behind the highly-rated cuisine.  Dickey Dyer.  He spend 26 years working on ships in the Gulf of Mexico before coming here to Rhode Island just 5 months ago.

Dickey is jolly, friendly and very talented.

When asked about where he got his talent, he said his grandmother and mother wouldn't let him go out and play...he had to stay inside and cook.  You can taste the New Orleans inspirations in everything Dyer makes. 


This morning, the breakfast was French toast, egg sandwiches, fresh fruit and Dickey's home made biscuits.  People who served in the military probably know about SOS, and the biscuits were the shingle for the SOS. 

Dickey's very accommodating, too.  Tuesday evening, we were going live at 6:15PM on Channel 12, so we missed dinner time.  Meal times are strictly enforced can't be early and you can't be late (unless you're working, which was the case for the camera crew Kyle and Jess and for me).  He saved each of us a plate of broiled swordfish, shrimp scampi and cajun style ribs.  It was worth the wait!

Lunches are nothing short of spectacular either....Dickey's meatball stew on Tuesday was out of this world, and the red beans, N'orleans style, was everything I imagine true cajun cooking to be.

My personal favorite on the Endeavor, so far, has been the lemon drops...think lemony-glazed munchkins. I'm going to try to get the recipe!

-Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo



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