Meteorological spring is just days away (March 1st), and astronomical spring is a little less than a month away (March 20th). Of course, we all know it can snow right through April (and sometimes into May, as it did last year.,,,that was sooooo 2020). With, potentially, another couple months ahead when we could see snow falling, we figured it would be good to look at where we stand this season.

So far this season, we’ve had 33.50″ of snow. That’s a lot for this point in a winter season. Actually, last weeks snow storm put us far above average for this point in the season. Through February 23, the average snowfall for Providence is 26.40″.

The average snowfall for Providence an entire winter season is 33.9″, so TF Green has just about reached its average for an entire season!

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By the way, for you data sleuths, our official climate period changed this year. Instead of using the data period 1981-2010 to determine averages and seasonal data, the 30 year period we reference was changed to 1991-2020. However, according to the National Weather in Norton, MA, the new climo numbers won’t start until May.

If you want to complicate things even more for snowfall records, some of TF Green Airport’s official numbers were disregarded for not being reliable. From 1997 to 2001, we don’t have official snowfall data for Providence. That period was just after an Automated Surface Observation System was installed at TF Green Airport, replacing human measurements. The snowfall data that ensued was not reliable or accurate. Since December 2001, trained subcontractors have been taking the measurements at TF Green.

But I digress….

We’re all aware that snowfall numbers can vary from year to year. Last February, we only had a trace of snow all month! This February we have had 18.5″ of snow, more than twice the average for a February.

From Sky Drone 12: Oak Swamp Reservoir and its surrounding neighborhood on Feb 15, 2021

Meanwhile, we had snow on the ground on Halloween this snowfall season, but in November not even a trace of snow was registered for Providence. Sky Drone 12 captured some of the “snowliage” just after that October snowfall.

We had quite a few days with just a trace of snow being reported, but below are the days we had measurable snowfall at TF Green Airport where the state’s official snow records are taken.

October Total 1.6″

  • October 30: 0.6″

November Total 0.0″

December Total 8.4″

  • December 5: 0.5″
  • December 16-17: 7.9″

January Total 5.0″

  • January 4: 0.3″
  • January 5: 0.3″
  • January 26: 3.8″
  • January 27: 0.4″
  • January 28: 0.2″

February Total 18.5″

  • Feb 1: 3.4″
  • Feb 7: 7.0″
  • Feb 9: 1.3″
  • Feb 11: 0.1″
  • Feb 18-19: 6.7″

There has been no lack of snow across the Northeast United States this season. Here’s a great break down from the National Weather Service of observed snow versus in the eastern U.S. compared with what was average through Feb 21. Notice that Binghamton, NY is far above their average…remember that storm which dumped 40″+ in that area?

-Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo

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