Good Thursday Morning….

An extended stretch of beautiful weather starts Thursday and will extend right into Labor Day weekend….cooler the next few days, then warming into the 80s by the Holiday weekend

WATCHING THE TROPICS: Hurricane Franklin remains well offshore of New England, but large ocean waves will impact ocean-facing shores through Thursday. Dangerous rip currents are expected at area beaches. Meanwhile, Idalia now a Tropical Storm will move off the South Carolina coast and out into the Atlantic. That storm is expected to stay offshore and well south of New England

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Waves from distant Franklin will continue, leading to dangerous rip currents at area beaches. Please stay off of rocks/jetties. A High Surf Advisory is still in effect on Thursday

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We’ll have a blend of sunshine and high thin clouds through our Thursday. Very comfortable if you work outdoors


Idalia IS NOW DOWNGRADED TO A TROPICAL STORM OVER SOUTH CAROLINA.. but still producing high-impact weather in the Carolinas.

Idalia will weaken over South Carolina before moving back out in the Atlantic Thursday as a tropical storm with winds of 50-60 mph

Franklin has weakened…now down to 100mph well out in the central Atlantic and racing away.

Hurricane Franklin will continue to work away from the United States as it tracks northeast

Big ocean waves of 5-9 feet will continue to impact our shoreline, leading to rip currents on Thursday.