PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Hospitals across Rhode Island treated at least 15 people for heat-related ailments over the weekend.

According to a spokesperson for Lifespan, four people apiece were admitted to Rhode Island, Newport, and Hasbro Children’s Hospitals while three people were treated at Miriam Hospital.

“Some of the things we saw this weekend were lightheadedness, a few patients passing out, and a few high temperatures related to the heat,” R.I. Hospital Dr. Rory Merritt said.

A number of events planned for the weekend were either canceled or postponed due to the sweltering heat. Some that were still held offered ways to beat the heat, like at the Little League Baseball tournament in East Greenwich, in which games were delayed an hour and a cool-down and mist station was set up for people in attendance.

During instances of extreme heat, it’s especially important to keep a close eye on young children and the elderly.

“Those people are particularly at risk for heat-related emergencies, heat-related injuries like heat stroke, so please bring them by the emergency department,” Dr. Merritt explained.

While the oppressive heat and humidity have passed, Dr. Merritt said it’s still crucial for people to take preventative measures to avoid getting sick.

“We’re happy the temperatures are normalizing but as always, it’s summer in New England, so make sure you’re staying cool, staying hydrated and staying inside when it gets too hot,” he added.

The R.I. Department of Health has more information on its website on how to deal with the extreme heat and Lifespan Hospital has tips on keeping kids cool and safe.