HIGH SURF ADVISORY has been issued for ocean-exposed beaches through to this evening. Hurricane Earl is pass well off-shore, however, swells from the distant storm has led to rough surf and dangerous rip currents along the coast. Use caution if swimming or surfing.**

Summer hangs on this weekend with warmer than normal temperatures and dry skies. A “heads up”, though, if you’re planning on going to the beach–as high surf and rip currents are likely from distant Hurricane Earl.

More details on beach conditions in a moment.

We’re starting off the day with lots of sunshine and already on the “warmer” side with lows only dropping down into the 60s overnight last night. Throughout the afternoon we’re going to see lots of sunshine with almost summer-like warmth.

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You may notice the skies taking on a milky or hazy look today. That’s due to smoke from wildfires in the western US tracking into New England. This smoke will be high in the sky and won’t affect air quality. It should, however, lead to some colorful sunsets and sunrises.

Despite Earl passing nearly 700 miles southeast of New England, swells from the storm are propagating towards our coastline, leading to the surf building as high as 4ft to 7ft. That high surf will likely generate some dangerous rip currents. Keep in mind, since it’s past Labor Day, lifeguards are no longer monitoring the beaches. Please use caution.

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Sunday will bring some extra clouds, but highs will still be in the 80s.