Good Thursday morning

Hour by Hour // A close look at the upcoming conditions »

Temperatures will continue to fall now through dawn Thursday. Lows will drop to around 25°-30° by 6 a.m. Some light frost on the car windshield is possible. Plenty of sunshine on Thursday but afternoon temperatures recover to only the upper 40s. Another dry cold night on Thursday. Temperatures will finally moderate by Friday afternoon and into the weekend


After those sub-freezing temperatures at sunrise, afternoon highs will be in the mid to upper 40s. Winds will turn from the northwest to the west throughout the day 5-15 mph

PRE-DAWN THURSDAY 5:00AM Clear skies and frosty cold.

THURSDAY AFTERNOON 3:00PM Sunshine, but still cooler than average

Ocean, Bay & Beach // A look at the conditions by the coast »


Why is this weekend’s weather so rare?…… Both days look dry! That has been tough to do of late. Also set CLOCKS BACK 1 HOUR late Saturday night before bed

-Meteorologist Tony Petrarca and T.J. Del Santo


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