Hey everyone! Another nice day on Friday but not nearly as warm. Also, updates on the weekend forecast (see below!!)

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Another chilly night with temperatures falling back into the 40s with mainly clear skies.


Another chilly start to our day on Friday. Most areas in the 40s but can’t rule out a few upper 30s for far northwestern Rhode Island.

We’ll reach the mid-50s by mid-day but northwesterly winds will pick Friday morning making it feel a bit cooler at times.

Highs on Friday top out in the low 60s for many, a few spots may remain in the upper 50s.


We’ve made some big changes to the weekend forecast — it does not look nearly as wet as it has been for the past few days. That coastal storm looks like it will pass far enough to our south that we won’t be seeing much rain at all (we will see some showers though).

Saturday will start out dry with a little sunshine, but the clouds will thicken up through the morning.

Showers are possible Saturday afternoon into the evening, but it does not look like a washout at this point. That coastal low will track eastward, instead of turning toward Southern New England.

By Saturday evening those showers could be offshore, setting us up for a nice Sunday! Let’s hope this trend continues. We definitely don’t need the rain.

Remaining cloudy and cool for later Saturday as wet weather pushes to the south.

Clouds expected early Sunday but even some sunshine may break out!

Remaining cool but dry for the majority of Sunday.


If the clouds cooperate…that’s a big if. We’ll have a partial solar eclipse on Saturday. If it is visible, DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN. You could hurt your eyes. You can buy ISO certified glasses on the internet and have them shipped in time.

Here in Southern New England, we’ll have a partial eclipse….about 20% of the sun will be covered by the moon. The best of the show will be in southwest Texas at 80% coverage.

In Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, the eclipse will begin at 12:16PM when the moon begins to cover the sun’s eastern limb.

The maximum eclipse for us will be at 1:26PM.

The show comes to an end at 2:34PM.

If we can’t see this eclipse due to the clouds, we have another solar eclipse in April of next year.


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