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1. Gov. Dan McKee’s proposal last week to cut the state’s 7% sales tax by 15-basis points to 6.85% splashed across headlines, as there hasn’t been much in the way of broad-based tax cuts for years in Rhode Island. The governor also prominently announced the idea during his first full-term State of the State address. Two days later, his budget officials highlighted it as a signature relief measure in his proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. But the cut so far has failed to stir much excitement on Smith Hill where many lawmakers were left wondering if McKee had gone far enough to make Rhode Island’s sales tax competitive regionally. Others are questioning whether the estimated $77 per household in annual savings is worth the $24.8 million in general revenue the state would lose each year, which is money that could be useful down the road when state coffers aren’t so flush with cash. It’s likely those are the criticisms that will come up repeatedly over the next several months, as lawmakers will hold hearings to vet McKee’s $13.7 billion tax-and-spending plan for fiscal year 2023-24. And listen for the McKee administration to defend the cut by arguing 15-basis points is what the state can responsibly afford right now and they will continue to try and cut the rate further if economic conditions continue to spit out annual surpluses. “It’s really hard to give up the money when you have it,” Office of Management and Budget director Brian Daniels told reporters this week, explaining why past promises to cut the sales tax were repeatedly broken. “The governor wants to make sure that we’re making these decisions in light of that fiscal outlook, that we are doing what we can afford each year with the constant goal of trying to get down and equal to Massachusetts as quickly as possible.”