The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) is going to be shifting traffic onto the new portion of the providence viaduct. 

Next Friday, the high-speed lane on I-95 north will shift onto the new bridge using a lane split. The split will start right after exit 22 for downtown. 

Drivers will use the far right lane to get off at the state offices and route 146 exit as they currently do.

Drivers in the high-speed lane on the new bridge will not have access to the state offices and route 146 exit. Instead, those commuters should use branch avenue. 

About two weeks later, RIDOT will shift the other two lanes of I-95 onto the new bridge. 

In October, RIDOT will complete a temporary ramp shifting the Atwells Avenue onramp to the new bridge. Once the shift onto the new bridge is complete, they will demolish the old bridge and build a new road and ramps to separate merging traffic. 

The entire project is set for completion in fall 2025.