GLOCESTER, RI (WPRI) – The Town of Glocester has granted final approval for a 1.8 megawatt solar project which is being developed by Green Development. The location of the project is on White Oak Farm which is located at 74 White Oak Lane.

Photo Credit: Green Development LLC

Green Development LLC, the leading developer of large-scale renewable energy across the state of Rhode Island is leading this project. They also lead the project that is now known as the Johnston wind farm or Johnston array.

As construction begins, the farm will remain in operation during the project. It’s a family owned farm that grows and sells peaches, apples, vegetables, sweet corn, and pumpkins. The Phillips family who own the land have been growing and selling their crops for generations.

Photo Credit: Green Development LLC

According to Roger Phillips, he believes there are many benefits to this project. “This is a win-win situation for my family. It allows the land to provide something more than vegetables while still harnessing the benefits of the sun. That synergy between solar power and our crops was something that was very important to us.”.

The solar project will use approximately 6 acres of the property. The property covers a total of 78 acres.

Preparation of the site and construction planning are beginning and it’s anticipated that the project will be finished by the end of this year.

Green Development LLC notes “that minimal tree clearing is required to develop the project”. They also note that “a vast majority of the property will remain wooded”.

Green Development will pay the Town of Glocester a tax of $5,000 per megawatt, which comes to $9,000 per year.

In total, less than 8% of the property will be used for this solar project.