PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The Rhode Island man accused of faking his death to evade rape charges in the United States is now facing a new rape charge, according to U.K. media outlets.

Essex Police would not say if 36-year-old Nicholas Alahverdian is the man they arrested Wednesday morning in a 2017 rape case, but he was previously identified as the prime suspect in that crime.

Authorities instead said a man was charged with suspicion of rape for a “non-recent allegation” in the English city of Chelmsford, which is northeast of London. Essex Police said that suspect will remain in custody for further questioning.

The new charge comes after a Scottish judge approved Alahverdian’s extradition back to the United States last week to face charges in multiple states, including for rape in a 2008 case out of Utah.

Alahverdian’s story has involved multiple states, countries and identities.

Also known as Nicholas Rossi, Alahverdian was captured in 2021 at a Scottish hospital when he got COVID-19. He has claimed that he is Arthur Knight of Ireland since then.

But a Scottish judge disputed the claim, comparing tattoos displayed in a Pawtucket Police mugshot as well as fingerprints.

The new charge in England throws into question when Alahverdian will return to the United States to face charges.

Alahverdian was convicted of sexual assault in Ohio and is accused of raping a woman in Utah in 2008. DNA from the latter case was matched to Alahverdian in 2017. He is also wanted by the FBI who say he built up $200,000 in debt by fraudulently taking out credit cards in the name of his then-foster father.

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