PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — United Kingdom authorities say the fingerprints of a man who claims to be Arthur Knight match those of Nicholas Alahverdian, a Rhode Island suspect who police say faked his own death and is wanted for rape in Utah.

Knight was arrested earlier this year after authorities were able to identify him as Alahverdian — also known as Nicholas Rossi — who has been charged with rape in Utah and allegedly died of cancer in Rhode Island two years ago.

According to a transcript provided by the Utah County Attorney’s Office of a Thursday hearing in Scotland, prosecutors said fingerprints taken from an arrest of Knight on Tuesday “were confirmed to be Nicholas Rossi.”

Rossi was arrested for “obstructing the course of justice and allegedly behaved in a threatening or abusive manner at Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital ward on July 5, 2022,” according to the transcript.

The court in Scotland determined Knight was a flight risk and denied him bail.

Utah County Attorney David Leavitt, who charged Alahverdian, called Thursday’s developments “a great day” in the case.

“We knew we had the right person and we look forward to proving the case against this individual,” Leavitt said in a news release.

Scotland prosecutors said Knight was faking numerous ailments that he claimed were preventing him from attending hearings in the matter.

“The Crown have received a number of medical reports from doctors involved in his care which state there is no concern related to his lungs,” prosecutor Julie Clark told the court, according to transcripts. “The description of seizures given by those who have witnessed them were satisfied they were otherwise faked.”

She added that Knight goes by at least 10 different aliases, including Rossi, Alahverdian, and his wife there calls him Nicholas Brown.

The transcript said Knight shouted in an Irish accent, “that’s not true,” during the proceedings.

In an interview with 12 News in April, Knight claimed he was born Nicholas Brown in Ireland in November 1986. He has no proof of that, however, which he blames on Irish law and a lack of access to his birth certificate and other records from his early life.

“Just because I have similarities to a person in life and in youth, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am that person,” Knight said during the Zoom interview with 12 News.

Further extradition hearings are being scheduled in the United Kingdom, according to Leavitt’s office.

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Kim Kalunian contributed to this report