PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Police say Flock cameras helped them to track down two suspects on the lam after a nearly half million dollar bank heist in June on Federal Hill, according to court documents obtained by Target 12.

During their investigation, Providence police said they learned about a person who may be involved in the bank theft, and that they had “come into a large amount of money.”

Detectives later identified the person as Justine Fernandes. Police said they learned some of the stolen money may be stashed in a North Providence storage facility in a unit rented by Fernandes.

In all, police were looking for $488,000.

When police raided the unit in July, they recovered $24,345 inside a safe pulled from the unit, according to court documents. Police said that left $464,000 still missing from the vault.

Fernandes had an outstanding arrest warrant on drug, forgery, and counterfeiting charges, according to court records. Police said they eventually arrested her in early July and questioned her about the heist.

Police said Fernandes told detectives her friend of three years, a guy she knew as “Shaky,” had reached out seeking help, and showed up with another woman she had never met. When shown various pictures, Fernandes positively identified Shaky as Stanley Palmer, and the woman as Tracey Delgado, according to police.

Fernandes told detectives Palmer came to her saying he needed to drive her car, then proceeded to cover up her license plates, according to police. Palmer then allegedly drove the two women to the bank, and Fernandes was instructed to follow Delgado inside while Palmer waited behind the wheel of the 2001 Nissan Maxima, according to police.

At the time of the incident, Delgado was the bank’s operations manager. Santander Bank told Target 12 last week that Delgado was no longer affiliated with the bank.

Fernandes told police she got a cut of the money, and that Palmer told her to get out of town, according to the court records. Police said she told them the last time she heard from Palmer was June 30, the day after the heist.

On Aug. 16, police said they received information described as “possible ping locations” of a cell phone used by Delgado, someone they had been looking into from the beginning.

Police said Delgado had been accessing her Santander Bank mobile application from various locations across the state, including at Roger Williams Park in Providence around the time of the Dominican Fest earlier this month. 

Court documents show the phone also flagged locations in Pawtucket, where police spotted a 2021 Jeep Cherokee with Virginia plates. Detectives said Virginia is a popular state for rental car companies to register their fleets.

Police said they then used Flock camera to reveal the Cherokee popped up in the same locations as a different car driven by Delgado.

The Flock camera data led police to the Hampton Inn in Pawtucket, where 12 News cameras were the only ones to capture the arrest of Palmer and Delgado, police said.

After getting a search warrant for Delgado’s phone, police said they also learned about a property in Johnston where Delgado and Palmer “discussed making their lives together,” according to police.

Police said they saw a car registered to Delgado in the driveway, where a two-car garage was blocked with tree branches

Police said they searched property records and found the a real estate holding company called “Shake LLC” had purchased the home. Police highlighted that Palmer’s street name is Shaky, according to Fernandes.

Search warrants show when police searched the Jeep Cherokee, they found a black safe full of jewelry, new clothing, a wallet, two iPhones, plus keys for motorbikes and a Chevrolet vehicle. Police declined to comment about the items found in the vehicle and if the missing money was used to purchase any of them.

Police are still searching for the roughly $460,000 that’s still missing after the heist.

All three suspects are due back in court later this fall.

Alexandra Leslie ( is a Target 12 investigative reporter covering Providence and more for 12 News. Connect with her on X, formerly known as Twitter and on Facebook.