NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WPRI) — Just days after a white supremacist flyer was distributed in North Kingstown, police are investigating an email sent to one local official containing a photo of a noose and the words: “It’s coming.”

School Committee member Jennifer Lima said she received the threatening email over the weekend, calling the noose photo a symbol of white supremacy, hate, death and violence “with the intent to scare, control and intimidate Black people.”

“To those of you who continually tell me that racism does not exist in our community, I would genuinely like to know what explanation you would offer for this,” Lima wrote on her Facebook page.

“And please do not tell me it’s a prank, or an isolated incident,” Lima added. “It is yet another attempt to intimidate me and a warning to others about what will happen if they decide to speak up as well.”

Lima told Target 12 she’s reported the email to the North Kingstown Police Department. Captain John Urban Jr. confirmed they received the report.

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“We are actively investigating it,” Urban told Target 12. “Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to report it to the police department.”

Lima, who’s outspoken on issues related to racism, anti-Asian hate and LGBTQ rights, highlighted that her husband is a Black man and that her children are biracial. She said her children have come “under attack” during her tenure on the local board. Some of Lima’s policy positions have received national and international attention from outlets including Fox News and The Daily Mail.

“I have worked to try to bring more attention to the ugliness and pain that racism causes and see if I can, in some small way, make my community better for my family and other people of color in NK,” she wrote. “I knew there could be resistance, but I was not prepared for what has taken place over the last two years.”

Lima’s post comes in the wake of Target 12 first reporting last week the North Kingstown police are investigating after a resident reported receiving a flyer from the neo-Nazi group Nationalist Social Club 131. The flyer described the group as “pro-white” and that they were seeking men of “European descent in the New England area.”

Lima, who was first elected in 2020, was also the subject of a recall effort that ultimately failed in 2021. The group leading the effort against her accused her of organizing “a group of Marxists to indoctrinate our children with anti-police propaganda and divisive racial and gender theories,” according to The Independent.

Despite the criticism over the years, Lima said she would continue to call out hate whenever she sees it and she she asked that others do too.

“I don’t understand the thought process behind a person who sits down, pulls a picture of a noose from the internet, and sends it to a total stranger,” she said. “But I do understand that they are counting on it to elicit a response of fear and silence. And I refuse to give them either.

Eli Sherman ( is a Target 12 investigative reporter for 12 News. Connect with him on Twitter and on Facebook.

Tolly Taylor contributed to this report.