FALMOUTH, Mass. (WPRI) — For years Dr. James Fanale was one of Rhode Island’s top health care leaders, overseeing one of the state’s largest medical systems as CEO of Care New England.

Now Fanale is a patient himself. In March 2022 he was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer, and has spent the 19 months since enrolled in clinical trials and putting his affairs in order.

The experience has opened his eyes to the depth of the problems in the American health system, and led him to a publish a new book entitled “Onward” sharing what he’s learned. “The poor patient has no way to know how to run this, to get through the system,” he says. “I feel badly for them. It’s too complex.”

In the above video, Target 12’s Ted Nesi sits down with James Fanale to discuss his cancer diagnosis and what the experience has taught him about the health care system.