PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A Superior Court judge has decided an East Providence man will serve two consecutive life sentences for the 2020 murder of 22-year-old Devin Delacruz in Providence.

Justin Chandler, 23, of East Providence was convicted in June of several counts including first-degree murder.

During Friday’s sentencing, Delacruz’s sister, Irene Núñez, spoke directly to the man convicted of killing her brother.

“It saddens me this is a lesson you will have to learn but as I stated previously these are the consequences of your actions,” she said.

Núñez expressed sadness her brother will never be able to raise his two young sons, but ended her statement wishing Chandler well.

On Dec. 4, 2020, the Rhode Island Attorney General’s office said Delacruz was waiting in a Toyota Venza with his friend at a school bus stop in the Olneyville section of Providence when a hooded person walked up and fired six 9-mm rounds.

Prosecutors said Delacruz and his friend were taken to Rhode Island Hospital, where Delacruz was pronounced dead and his friend was treated for injuries that required multiple surgeries.

The jury sided with prosecutors in determining Chandler was the man who picked up that shooter in a black Nissan Altima.

However, the attorney general’s office said the hooded figure was never found.

Ahead of his sentencing, Chandler offered his own words to Delacruz’s family, telling them that he cares.

“On Dec. 4, 2020, my intentions were pure,” Chandler said before taking a long pause. “Had I known that I’d be in the middle of a heinous event that transpired, I would have gladly stayed home.”

The judge opted for the mandatory two consecutive life sentences, instead of the three which prosecutors were seeking.

It’s possible Chandler will eventually be eligible for parole, but the judge said that will ultimately be considered by the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

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