NORTH SMITHFIELD, R.I. (WPRI) — The night began around 9 p.m. on Aug. 8, when police said they responded to a chaotic, intoxication-fueled skirmish at a motel in Woonsocket.

It peaked hours later in North Smithfield when 20-year-old Mariah Dubois, who was handcuffed to a stretcher, kicked an EMT so hard he was pushed out of the open doors of an ambulance and onto the ground, according to police.

Today, that EMT and firefighter — William LaBarre of the North Smithfield Fire Department — is on disciplinary probation for hitting the woman back during the altercation, according to the R.I. Department of Health.

LaBarre’s behavior “constitutes unprofessional conduct,” Health Department Emergency Medical Services Chief Jason Rhodes wrote in a Dec. 12 consent agreement that put LaBarre on six-month probation.

A police report by North Smithfield Patrol Officer Kyle DelPrete detailed the chaotic scene inside the ambulance, alleging emergency responders were trying to handcuff an intoxicated Dubois to a stretcher as she was “yelling and being uncooperative.”

DelPrete said LaBarre tried to assist by holding Dubois down. But after letting go, Dubois kicked him, which immediately escalated the situation further.

“In response to this LaBarre approached Dubois, stated [expletive], and struck her in the leg with a closed fist strike,” DelPrete wrote in the report. “Dubois then proceeded to kick LaBarre with so much force that he was pushed out of the open doors of the rescue onto the ground.”

Surveillance video obtained by Target 12 shows the moment when LaBarre came flying out of the ambulance. But the video ends abruptly afterward, failing to capture what DelPrete said was LaBarre yelling expletives and attempting to get back into the rescue.

“I then attempted to calm down LaBarre and pushed him away from the rescue,” DelPrete wrote, adding he subsequently requested backup from his fellow officers.

“LaBarre then began to approach the side door of the rescue, continuing to yell expletives and it appeared that he was trying to get back into the rescue,” DelPrete wrote. “Seeing this, I grabbed LaBarre by the belt to prevent him from entering the rescue with the assistance of other firefighters.”

According to the Health Department, one witness said LaBarre went so far as to say “he was going to kill the patient,” although LaBarre denied the allegation. John Calcagni, the firefighter’s attorney, highlighted that it was LaBarre who sustained minor injuries after “he and his colleagues responded to render aid to a highly intoxicated woman.”

“His physical contact with her that day was limited to administering medical care and defending himself against her uncontrollable and violent behavior, apparently induced by intoxication,” Calcagni said.

LaBarre was initially criminally charged with simple assault and battery and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors. But in November, the North Smithfield Police Department dismissed the charges, citing LaBarre’s completion of anger management courses, according to court documents. LaBarre has requested to have the case sealed.

As for Dubois, a grand jury declined to indict her on charges from that night, although court documents show the offenses triggered a bail violation because she was on probation for an unrelated crime at the time. She was detained as a result. Her attorney declined to comment.

As part of his agreement with the Health Department, LaBarre agreed to review state-approved EMS protocols and submit quarterly reports on his conduct and performance. He also attended anger management and de-escalation trainings.

“Mr. LaBarre, who has no criminal history and enjoys an unblemished service record as a firefighter, remains humbled by this experience,” Calcagni said. “He is grateful for the manner by which his case was resolved and is happy to return to duty.”

Correction: An early version of this story misstated that the R.I. Attorney General’s Office dismissed the charges against LaBarre.

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