PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — When Janice Oldmeadow signed her daughter up to take a driver education course somewhere other than at the Community College of Rhode Island, she didn’t realize there was only one place she’d be able to take her permit test – the jam-packed Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) headquarters in Cranston.

Oldmeadow told Eyewitness News her daughter finished the course at the end of July, and for the past three weeks, she’s been trying to schedule a test so her daughter can work toward getting her license.

“She wants to get going so she doesn’t have to wait till a year from now to be independent,” Oldmeadow said.

According to the DMV’s website, students who take the course at CCRI take the exam there, then bring their proof of passing to any branch. Those who take the course elsewhere must take the exam at the Cranston DMV.

“The other offices do not have the space we can set aside for testing that is both secure and would limit noise or disruptions for the applicants,” DMV spokesperson Paul Grimaldi told Target 12 in an email.

Oldmeadow said when she tried to book an appointment in Cranston, she could never find any availability on the DMV’s website.

“I’ve tried checking at midnight, at 7 a.m., at the end of the afternoon,” she said.

Oldmeadow said she then reached out to the DMV to ask how to book an appointment and was told to work backwards, starting with the current date.

“After I responded and said I tried that, no luck, and then that person said, ‘go out two weeks,'” she recalled.

More space at the Cranston DMV may become available soon, Grimaldi said, adding they they expect to open a second room for testing before the end of August.