EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The Better Business Bureau is warning of a new social media pyramid scheme targeting booklovers.

BBB’s Paula Fleming tells 12 News it starts when someone shares a social media post about a free book exchange.

“Who doesn’t love something free?” Fleming said. “Especially 36 books when it would otherwise cost you $15 or so [per book].”

The catch, Fleming said, is you have to provide not only your personal information, but a friend’s personal information as well.

From there, you’re asked to send one book to a stranger in order to receive 36 free books from across the globe. But Fleming said many new recruits never receive the books they’re promised.

Even worse, you’ll have handed over your personal information, and your friend’s personal information, to a stranger.

“It kind of keeps going and going so more people get involved, and eventually you really don’t know who is on the other end,” Fleming explained.

“I would not leave yourself open to potential scams … by providing your information through this route,” Fleming urged. “No free book is worth leaving yourself vulnerable to identity theft.”

Fleming suggests anyone in search of a free book should visit their local library or try participating in a local book exchange, such as the Little Free Library.

Anyone who believes they have unknowingly participated in one of these social media pyramid schemes is urged to report it using the BBB Scam Tracker. The schemes can also be reported directly through the social media platform by clicking “report post” or “report photo.”