• I don’t file taxes, will I get a stimulus check?
  • Will my college-aged child get their own stimulus?
  • Why is extra unemployment check only $525?

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – In the video above, Target 12 investigator Tim White answers common questions coming into the 12 Responds system.

Several people have written in asking how they can ensure they will get the federal stimulus money if they don’t file taxes. Those who collect social security will get a stimulus check. For others, there may be a delay. But on Wednesday the IRS launched a website where citizens can enter their information so the money get be mailed or direct deposited into their bank accounts. You can find that website here.

Another viewer wanted to know if their college-aged child will get their own stimulus. If they are still listed as a dependent on the parent’s tax return, then no. Anyone over the age of 17 who is not listed as a dependent is eligible for a stimulus check.

Several people want to know why they didn’t get the full $600 in extra unemployment benefits, and instead received $525. That is because unemployment benefits are considered taxable income, and many people opted to have the taxes taken out weekly instead of at tax time.

A spokesperson with the R.I. Department of Labor and Training is also recommending people use the direct deposit option rather than other payment methods to ensure the quickest receipt of benefits.

For questions about why many people did not see a retroactive payment of the extra $600 unemployment benefits. click here.

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