2019 Superintendent Survey: Barrington

Superintendent Survey

Michael Messore- Barrington School District

1.    What’s the number one thing parents and students should know about this district this year?

The opening of a brand new middle school, newest school in Rhode Island
The change of our school schedules moving our high school start time to 8:30 a.m. and we will be operating a two-tier bus schedule.

2. What is the biggest challenge your district faces?

 The district is committed to working closely with state officials to address the inadequacy of state funding, particularly with respect to funding for English Language Learners, high-cost Special Education, and other unfunded mandates.

3. What is the vaccination rate for your district and what is your policy for opting out?  Have you seen a spike or decline in the number of parents opting out over the last two years?

GradeTotal Students at Grade Level Assessed# Students Fully Immunized*% Students Fully Immunized*% Students Fully Immunized Statewide*

“All students are required to provide documentation that they are up-to-date on certain vaccines for school entry to Kindergarten, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 12th grade. Data include the number of students assessed, fully immunized, without an immunization record, and with an exemption certificate on file.”

Also, here is the Health Requirements for School Entry form that parents receive when they register a student which outlines the immunizations. We do not offer the exemptions information unless a parent expresses that they do not want their child immunized or they cannot for medical reasons.  As public health nurses, it is our role to encourage immunizations and provide accurate information on the safety of vaccines.

In Barrington, we abide by the RI DOH rules and regulations for school health programs for immunization requirements. If a parent wishes to opt-out, they must sign an immunization exemption form for either medical or religious reasons. If it is medical, a physician must sign this as well. I have included the links for the forms we use.  There are cases where parents can sign temporary exemptions as their child may be missing some immunizations to complete a series. This allows students to attend school until they get the series completed. 

I do not feel we have seen a major difference in trends over the past few years for exemptions.  There has not been a spike but there have not been any decreases either. 95% is a good rate for immunizations.

4. Some school districts in the state are banning electronic devices/cell phones. What is your current policy? Do you have plans to also ban electronic devices? If so, why?

We have a responsible use policy that allows students to have cell phones in school and students are allowed to use them when provided teacher permission. We provide students with devices in school (Chromebooks and iPads). We believe that it is important that students learn responsible use of cell phones and devices and that we have the opportunity to instill practices that support student learning and digital citizenship simultaneously.



Barrington Public Schools (BPS) is pleased to offer authorized users access to district computers, the Internet and an array of technology resources to promote educational excellence. Authorized users include students, staff and guests and will be hereafter referred to as simply users.  Each user is responsible for his/her use of technology whether personal or district-provided. While using district or personal technology resources on or near school property, in school vehicles, and at school-sponsored events, as well as using the district’s technology resources via remote access, each user must act in a manner consistent with school, district and legal guidelines.  

Using BPS Technology Resources

The information systems and Internet access available through BPS are available to support learning, enhance instruction, and support school system business practices. BPS information systems are operated for the mutual benefit of all users. The use of the BPS network is a privilege, not a right. Users should not do, or attempt to do, anything that might disrupt the operation of the network or equipment and/or interfere with the learning of other students or work of other BPS employees.  

The BPS network is connected to the Internet which enables people to interact with millions of networks and computers.  All access to the BPS network shall be pre-approved by the district. The district may restrict or terminate any user’s access, without prior notice, if such action is deemed necessary to maintain computing availability and security for other users of the systems.  

Other disciplinary action may be imposed as stated in the school/employee handbooks.  BPS implements Internet filtering on all BPS sites in accordance with the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Schools will continually educate users on personal safety practices and effective techniques for identifying and evaluating information and its sources.

Respect for Others
Users should respect the rights of others using the BPS network by:                                          

  • Using assigned workstations
  • Being considerate when using scarce resources
  • Always logging off workstations after finishing work
  • Not deliberately attempting to disrupt system performance or interfere with the work of other users
  • Leaving equipment and room in good condition for the next user or class
  • Users should respect the rights of others regarding videography and photography.

District-owned or personal cell phones or devices capable of photography or videography may not be used in locker rooms, changing rooms, restrooms, or any other place where students or employees have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

BPS video cameras are in use on all buses (See Video Cameras on School Buses Policy).

Video monitoring will supplement and extend building monitoring currently in place in the district (See Video Monitoring Policy).

Teachers, staff, or administrators must announce their intent to record or take photography within the classroom prior to doing so. Students who have elected not to disclose “directory information” under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) or who have the current year’s video/photography/media opt-out form on file at the building level will not be included in these recordings/images.

Recording of classes or other school activities may only occur with the express permission of the faculty member teaching the class, administrator, or staff member conducting the activity. When granted permission to record class lectures or other school activities, a student may use such recordings solely for personal educational purposes. Staff members who approve such recordings are responsible for ensuring that FERPA-protected student information is not disclosed. Unauthorized audio or video recording of administrators, students, teachers or other staff members, or unauthorized dissemination of such recordings in or through any medium, without permission is prohibited.

Ethical Conduct for Users:
It is the responsibility of the user to:

  • Use only his or her account or password. It is a violation of this policy to give access to an account to any other user
  • Recognize and honor the intellectual property of others; comply with legal restrictions regarding plagiarism and the use and citation of information resources
  • Not read, modify, or remove files owned by other users
  • Use the BPS network and resources in a manner that is consistent with the mission of the school system.  The use of BPS network for personal use or private gain is prohibited
  • Help maintain the integrity of the school information system. Deliberate tampering or experimentation is not allowed; this includes the use of BPS network and resources to illicitly access, tamper with, or experiment with systems outside BPS.
  • Refrain from using offensive, obscene, or harassing language when using BPS network system

All software on any personally owned computing device shall be properly licensed.  The use of non-licensed software violates policy

Respect for Property
The only software to be used on school computers or the school network are those products that the school may legally use. Copying copyrighted software without full compliance with terms of a pre-authorized license agreement is a serious federal offense and will not be tolerated. Modifying any copyrighted software or borrowing software is not permitted. In addition:

  • Report equipment problems immediately through the technology support link on all school websites
  • Leave workstations and peripherals in their designated locations

Internet Safety and Security:

Information may not be posted if it: violates the privacy of others, jeopardizes the health and     safety of others, is obscene or libelous, causes disruption of school activities, plagiarizes the   work of others, is a commercial advertisement, or is not approved by the principal or administrator

  • Users are not to reveal personal information (last name, home address, phone number) in  correspondence with unknown parties
  • Users exercising their privilege to use the Internet as an educational resource shall accept the     responsibility for all material they seek
  • Users are responsible for reporting any inappropriate material they receive
  • Users are prohibited from accessing portion of the Internet that is inconsistent with the educational mission of BPS
  • Users are prohibited from viewing, sending, and accessing illegal material
  • Users have the responsibility to cite and credit all Internet material used

5. Tell us something nobody knows about your district.

The District has been committed to the Deep Learning Competencies (Citizenship, Character, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking). We have joined the international New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Network led by Michael Fullan, Joanne Quinn and Joanne McEachen and are the only District in Rhode Island, and one of only a small handful of schools/districts in the United States, to have done so. Through this network, we will be connected to experts and high performing schools and districts on an international level. www.npdl.org

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