SOUTH KINGSTOWN (WPRI) — It’s always nice to have a teammate that cuts your hair before or even during games, that’s the case for the Ocean State Waves.

“I started cutting hair my freshman year of college,” said Joe Cinnella, a New Jersey native that pitches at Seton Hall. “Some kid on my team did it. I was a freshman and he was a junior and I thought it was sick, bought myself a pair of clippers.”

Joe Cinnella pitches for Seton Hall, but a few years ago he found a new talent as a barber. He found a way to combine his love for baseball and cutting hair, always opening the chair for his teammates and sometimes, fans.

“It makes it more fun because I get to know the players better, you talk to them 45 minutes at a time and it’s just kind of a good time,” said Cinnella. “Usually I’ll be cutting a player and kids just swarm around and they’re all asking for haircuts, their mom’s are around. I had a bunch of mom’s and kids over here the other day there were like thirty of them taking videos and stuff it was cool”

Last week, Joe started a game on the mound and still found time to cut hair.

“Started a game, I threw six innings and then after the sixth inning I set up my chair and had four or five haircuts until the end of the game and that was it,” said Cinnella. “Then when I don’t play I just set it up and do it all day.”

Joe says the ultimate goal is to play pro ball, but it’s nice being a barber and having those skills in his back pocket.