(WPRI) — Classical’s Tyler Lee has played five varsity sports for the Purple. Football, soccer, golf, basketball and baseball. He’s enjoyed every second of it.

“It’s really all my coaches, I don’t do a lot, they let me know when I can go to their practice, or go to another practice,” said Lee. “Or when they have a game especially if both teams make the playoffs it’s big on communication.”

This past fall Tyler’s football and soccer schedule overlapped.

“Tyler’s a unicorn,” said Classical baseball coach Joseph Caccia. “He’s played five varsity sports he’s contributed in every one. He’s come up big for us since his freshman year he’s played varsity baseball and I think it helps for athletes to stay in shape when they play the more sports the better and it opens up more opportunities for them in college potentially too.”

Does it ever get tiring for Tyler?

“It is tiring but it’s good management of practice after school, homework, sleep, get a good 7-8 hours of sleep and then I’m ready for the next day.”