Late Friday night, the NBA and NBPA agreed to a new seven-year CBA, avoiding a potential lockout situation over the next year. There are many new aspects of the agreement, including an in-season tournament, limiting spending on high-payroll teams and changing the upper-limits of contract extensions.

While the deal ensures labor peace for the foreseeable future, one outspoken player believes the players should have drawn a harder line in the sand. Warriors forward Draymond Green expressed his displeasure with the union, believing that they lost the negotiation.

“Players lose again…. Smh!” he tweeted. “Middle and Lower spectrum teams don’t spend because they don’t want to. They want to lose. So increase their spending capabilities, just to increase them. They continue to cut out the middle.” 

Since Golden State is one of the biggest spending teams in the league, this new CBA has a major impact on Green in the short term. He continued to claim the union loses these negotiations “every time” despite having the ability to push harder.

Even when it comes to the in-season tournament, Green said that the players could have gotten double the prize money per player than what the amount they ended up getting. 

Green will most likely retire before this CBA expires, as he will be 40 years old by the time that happens. However, he believes that the younger players are the ones who will feel the shortcomings of this specific deal, especially those not in the NBA yet.

The Warriors forward claims he has more to say on the matter, but is saving it for his podcast to elaborate beyond just calling the deal “trash.”