The opening drive of Sunday’s NFC championship game between the Eagles and 49ers produced a controversial no-call on Philadelphia receiver DeVonta Smith.

On fourth and third, quarterback Jalen Hurts threw the ball 29 yards to Smith, who caught it with one hand for a supposed first down. Smith and Philadelphia then hurried to the line for the first-down play and soon scored a touchdown to go up 7–0. 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan didn’t challenge Smith’s catch.

At first, fans praised Smith on social media for the incredible catch. However, the reaction changed once fans got a better look at the play after commercial break when the replay showed Smith not completely in control of the catch. 

Social media became a storm of debate as a majority of people agreed that Smith did not catch the ball. Then, fans began questioning why Shanahan didn’t challenge the catch on the crucial fourth-down play.

Here’s some of the reaction to the controversial no-call: