Zach Wilson had a tough day in Buffalo.

As he led the Jets out onto the field for a drive in the second quarter, Wilson turned back towards the sideline as he jogged only to trip over his own feet and embarrassingly fall.

Somehow, it was not his worst fall of the day.

Buffalo Bills defensive end Leonard Floyd sacks New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson during the first half at Highmark Stadium. 

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

In the third quarter, Wilson was scrambling out of bounds towards the Jets sideline, and wound up colliding with his coach Robert Saleh. Salah did his best to catch his quarterback, but both men ultimately ended up on the ground.

Wilson's scramble did not pick up what the Jets needed for a first down, and New York elected to punt the ball away.

Wilson would lead the Jets offense for one more drive, but after stalling with another punt, he was eventually benched in favor of Tim Boyle.

At the time of his benching, Wilson has completed just seven of his 15 pass attempts on the day and been sacked five times.

NFL fans had fun with the sequence, saying it was emblematic of Wilson's time in New York.