PROVIDENCE (WPRI) — The tenth annual Friends of Friar Basketball event is two weeks away as alumni come back to network, have some fun, and play some golf, while being bonded by the Friar family.

“Once you’re a Friar, you’re always a Friar, you’re a Friar for life,” said FOFB President Quinton Burton.

It’s always a special time of year for PC Basketball, as Friars from years’ past will reunite on July 28.

“That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day whether you leave or you won championships,” said FOFB Vice President Harold Starks. “If you went to the NCAA or not, you wore the uniform you’re part of the Friar family.”

Every passing year, the numbers increase for FOFB events, this year slated to be the biggest reunion ever.

“First event we had maybe 20 guys,” said Starks. “Then it went up to 30, 40 and I think our biggest summer reunion over the years I think we were around 68 guys that came back.”

This year is unique, as the organization is holding a special coaches round table featuring some big names.

“The fact that we have Billy Donavan, Coach Pitino, Pete Gillen, Rick Barnes, Doris Burke, Coach Cooley, and the school being involved,” said Burton. “It’s really the first time we’ve done an event with the school, this is epic, this is huge.”