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New England Nation is exclusive coverage and analysis of the New England Patriots 2018-19 season. Taking you inside the game with angles and insights you can't get anywhere else.

New England Nation airs weekly, Sundays 11:30 a.m. on FOX Providence throughout the NFL season.

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New England Nation is:

New England Nation: Keys to the Game Keys to the Game: Each week, Andy Gresh breaks down the keys to a Patriots win with Yianni Kourakis and Mark Dondero. Which players, schemes, and strategies will be essential for the Patriots to win?

New England Nation: Inside the Locker Room Inside the Locker Room: Ruthie Polinksy goes 1-on-1 with a member of the Patriots to talk about football and some off the field topics.

New England Nation: The Roundtable The Roundtable: Yianni Kourakis, Mark Dondero, Andy Gresh and Ruthie Polinksy discuss the Patriots matchup and all the big talking points surrounding the Super Bowl champs.

New England Nation: Game Breakdown Game Breakdown: Andy Gresh joins Yianni Kourakis to break down a key play from the previous week. From start to finish, how did the play come to fruition?

New England Nation: Social Blitz Social Blitz: Yianni Kourakis, Mark Dondero and Andy Gresh respond to questions and comments submitted from our and fans viewers on Facebook and Twitter.

New England Nation Game Picks Game Picks: All four hosts predict an outcome for the Patriots game with reasons behind their specific score choice.

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