PROVIDENCE (WPRI) – David Duke Jr. was once a kid from Providence who had dreams of playing in the NBA. Now he’s living those dreams, and after his rookie season he found a way to give back to his home city.

“Life isn’t about trying to live forever, but leave something that lasts forever,” said Duke.

He’s doing just that, teaching the kids back home the tricks of the trade at the first David Duke Jr. basketball camp this weekend over at Classical High.

“I grew up in the same shoes as them, literally in the same gym that I played at,” said Duke. “So I think it gives them a good idea of that it’s not too far out of reach.”

David just finished his rookie season in the NBA, helping the Brooklyn Nets make the playoffs. He’s learned a lot in his short time as a pro.

“I think the biggest thing for me is now that I’ve made it there, there’s another aspect of now trying to prove yourself and stay there which I think is even harder but it’s nothing I don’t think I’m built for,” said Duke. “It’s something I never even imagined would be happening and now it is so I’m just living it out.”

Duke now heading into his second year in the NBA, wanting to improve his game but he finds it just as important to give back to the kids in the community that want to be just like him when they get older.