PROVIDENCE (WPRI) – We still don’t know the long term affects that isolation during the pandemic will have on children. But this summer, Button Hole Golf Course in Providence is offering free lessons for local kids who belong to Boys and Girls clubs.

“Button hole is great for allow the kids this opportunity,” said Lea Berard, an employee at the Pawtucket Boys and Girls Club. “To be able to be outside in the fresh air and enjoy a different atmosphere is absolutely awesome.”

For four weeks this summer, Donald Wright and his staff will teach the kids the fundamentals of the game.

“We have the facilities, the resources and the affordable and accessible golf,” Wright, Button Hole’s Executive Director, said. “They were making great contact getting the ball in the air. They were getting the basic moves down. So I’m very optimistic.”

“We’ll show them chip shots and putts next week and then get them out on the course to experience the whole thing.”

“Don is awesome with the kids,” Berard said. “He’s patient with the kids. He cares. He goes to every one to teach them as best that he can.”

Most of the kids have never picked up a golf club prior to going to Button Hole. A few started to pick it quickly.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be that hard,” Paul Peralto said.

“I was very proud of myself. I didn’t think I could do it after just two days,” Elias Battiston admitted. “It was crazy.”

They all got a new appreciation for the game and are slowly beginning to understand the bigger picture.

“Like golf and like life you need to try and try,” Peralto said.

“We love to have them come out here,” Wright said. “Hopefully they become life long golfers.”