NEWPORT (WPRI) – The International Tennis Hall of Fame’s Junior Tennis and Learning Chapter, TeamFAME, graduated its first class on Wednesday.

Launching in 2018, TeamFAME serves middle schoolers in Newport County with year-round tennis, academic support, character building programs and enrichment opportunities. This summer saw its first class complete all four years of the program.

All rising ninth graders in the program plan to play tennis at their respective high schools. According to TeamFAME Director Marguerite Marano, interest sparked by participation in the program helped to revive a boys’ tennis program at Rogers High School after a decade.

“It’s really exciting. We hit a lot of milestones this year and all goals we set back in 2018,” she said. “Kids are ready to take on leadership roles in our community to do better in high school and really transition into their next grade and I feel like we’ve prepared them best we can.”