PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) — This week’s Cardi’s Furniture & Mattresses Hometown Sports Hero is Anjelica Guarcas.

The Senior is a captain for the Classical Wrestling team, following the lead of her brother Edison, who won two State Wrestling Heavyweight Championship for hope High School.     

“She just goes out, works hard and never gives up,” said Classical Head Coach Steven Jackson. “She goes to work, does her job and she’s gotten constantly better. I’ve know her for the last three or four years and she’s gotten better and better. It’s amazing. One of the better athletes I’ve coached.”

Anjelica is hoping to continue Wrestling after Classical, but it will take some effort to make that a reality. Of her top five college choices, only Northeastern has a club program, so she will have to continue to lead the way to stay in the sport.

“I think she has the work ethic to go and do it,” Jackson said. “And if she can’t find a club, I’m sure she’ll make one herself, so she can go and work out.”

“Definitely going to stay part of my life, in any way,” Guarcas said. “Whether it be in coaching, coming back and volunteering. There’s no way I’ll disconnect with the sport.”

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