SCITUATE, R.I. (WPRI) — The Scituate High School football team is not playing on its home turf for the third season in the row after the district said it found sinkholes in the ground.

The team has been hosting home games at Johnston High School, but this year, Head Coach Damon Scarduzio said they are also holding two games at Bryant University.

While the team hit the field at Beirne Stadium for the first time on Sept. 15, there is still a looming question that even Scarduzio can’t answer: when will they get to play on Caito Field?

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Junior Paul Zolkos told Target 12 that while he is glad to have the chance to play at a college this season, it’s not where he wants to be.

“It’s not a home game,” he said. “It’s a home game, but not as many fans would come. If we had this field, the stands would be packed, everyone would be here. It would just be a whole different experience.”

Caito Field was built in 2019 through a $2.8 million bond, but it was shut down by the district in spring 2021 when Superintendent Laurie Andries said the first sinkhole was found.

Scituate Superintendent Laurie Andries shared this photo in August of photos from May of 2021.

But since then, Andries said more holes have emerged.

Target 12 was let onto Caito Field in July and found divots covered by large pieces of plywood with the words “stay off” spray-painted on them.

Sky Drone 12 also identified two other spots toward the center of the field.

In an update put out in August, Andries reiterated that the district remains in confidential mediation talks with the companies that designed and built the field, including RGB Architects, R.A.D. Sports, and engineering firm Gale Associates.

Those conversations continued on Thursday during an executive session with the school committee, where the committee was expected to talk about a report on the field.

“My understanding is that they are doing their best. I just hope that they do understand that most of these kids are in their junior year,” said Scarduzio, who has never coached on Caito Field.

Since the turf field was closed, the Scituate High School football team has been practicing on a nearby field that’s only 50 yards long, something that Charles Grover and Paul Zolkos know is impacting their play.

“We we’re asking, ‘When will this field be fixed? Will we be able to play on it?’ And what they basically said was, ‘You’re a freshman so don’t worry about it,'” Grover told Target 12.

“As a junior, I might go to another school committee meeting, maybe next year, tell them I’m a senior, maybe next time it’ll get done,” he added.

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