(WPRI) — His one year at Loomis Chaffee took David Rodriguez’s college football recruiting to the highest level.

The Providence native is trying to focus his energy on a top five – Maryland, Michigan, South Carolina, Penn State and two-time defending champion Georgia.

“I’ve been talking to schools on the phone and I just want to build relationships and hopefully get closer to making that decision,” he said.

The success Kwity Paye and Xavier Truss have enjoyed at Power Five schools has opened the door for the Ocean State.

“It’s just nice to know that Rhode Island is being recognized for the ability of our kids, and it’s good to see that David is continuing to do the right things and be recognized for it,” said Mount Pleasant head football coach Jay Addison.

Football fans across the state will get a chance to see Rodriguez’s growth up close over the next two seasons. He’s re-enrolled at Mt. Pleasant and he’s expecting to make a big splash with the Kilties this fall.

“It was a pleasant surprise,” Addison said. “David just missed being home. He’s happy being home and obviously we’re happy to have him. You know, we’ll be in shotgun, we’ll be throwing the ball around, and hopefully David is making some plays for us.”

“I’m really focused on winning a championship,” Rodriguez said. “I want to bring one back to my guy Coach Jay. So, I can’t wait to ball out with my guys and we’re going to have a great year.”