(WPRI) – Following three seasons as the head coach at Westerly High School, Stanley Dunbar announced his decision to resign on Tuesday night via his Twitter page.

He explained why he chose to step down:

“First off I’d like to thank the Westerly Football community including parents, students, the peewee football organization and fans for their support of me and the Westerly Football program the past few years. I’d like to thank former and current players as well as my coaching staff, athletic director Jamey Vetelino, and team doctor Dr. Marzilli for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence. We had a great run making it to three straight Division Il semifinals, beating Stonington on Thanksgiving back to back years, and establishing ourselves as one of the best football programs in the state. We proved that YOU CAN throw the football in Westerly and do it very effectively! The Westerly Bulldogs Football name buzzed throughout the state during my tenure as we produced some good teams, great players, and was always a team with a chance to win it all at the end. With that being said, unfortunately I have decided to step down as the Head Football Coach at Westerly High School for a few reasons. In addition to coaching the football team I’ve expressed interest to school administration in regards to getting a financially feasible full-time job at Westerly High School or within the Westerly Public School district and despite having a Masters Degree (not in education) the only position I was offered was one that pays $34,000 a year which I declined. Secondly, the Westerly High School football head coaching stipend may be the lowest in the state. Building a successful football program at the high school level is a year round job with off- season lifting starting in January; passing leagues, tournaments, linemen challenges prior to the season even starting. I am not the type of coach that shows up in July or August, I always strive to be the best and that is what’s needed in order to become the best. As a newlywed with plans of starting a family, I can no longer afford to give my time, energy, and talent to build a successful football program while not having a salaried position within a school. I know I’m a talented coach and I’ve made a lot of sacrifices in order to coach ball but now I’m at a stage in life where I won’t be coaching at any school if it doesn’t make sense for my family and I. I will look into putting my MBA to use in the business/financial sector but I will also be considering other coaching options especially NEPSAC prep schools and private schools throughout New England. In the meantime I will put my time and energy towards continuing to build Breakthrough Elite Football which is prospering and growing every year. I thank everyone that supported me during my tenure at Westerly.”