KINGSTON (WPRI) — Former URI men’s basketball star Dawan Robinson played in the NBA, and he also spent time playing pro ball overseas in Europe. He found his calling in a different way, by helping the younger generation reach their full potential.

“Basketball was my calling but it’s not what I’m here for,” said Robinson.

Robinson spent 12 years playing professional basketball.

“In my career when it was time to take that next step, whether it be NBA, or maybe a really high-level team in Europe, I always got an injury,” said Robinson. “So I knew that basketball, it was not my calling in a way. I knew working with kids and sharing my experiences is really what I’m here for.”

After he retired in 2017, Dawan wanted to give back to the next generation. He came back to Rhode Island where his career blossomed. He has his own company called Life of Hoops, running camps and clinics for kids that share the same love for basketball.

“I never looked at myself as anyone important or special,” said Robinson. “So I don’t so it’s hard for me to see that you know what I mean? But I’m hearing it from parents and now I’m really starting to understand like wow, these kids really look up to me.”

Dawan says he’s got even bigger dreams and aspirations with the same goal in mind, to help the kids.

“I just want to help as many kids as possible and just have my own facility,” said Robinson. “Training, running AAU camps, clinics. But if it was up to me, I would live and die in the gym.”