WARWICK (WPRI) — Twelve honorees were inducted into the RIIL Interscholastic Hall of Fame at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick on Wednesday night. The honorees included Elizabeth Beisel, Frank Caparco, Jameson Gresh, Margaret Conaty, William Haberek, Ed Cooley, Kathleen Kelly, Manny DaSilva, Thomas Mezzanotte, Claudia DeFaria and Bethany O’Dell Peloquin.

“This to me is a family award here in our state and our city because it has very little to recognize as a professional,” said PC Men’s Basketball Coach Ed Cooley, who starred at Central. “It’s really what you did in high school and going to college being a first generation going to college it continues to inspire and the young men and women in our state and that’s what I hope to do a lot.”

“For me, it’s kind of like this is awesome what I did but I’m hoping I can be an inspiration to a younger athlete that’s out there that’s a swimmer, maybe not even a swimmer,” said Beisel. “But be like wow, this Rhode Island girl, born and raised made it big, maybe I can do that one day.”