PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Sky Drone 12 captured a powerful moment of Sunday’s Black Lives Matter protest at the Rhode Island State House.

The massive group of protesters parted ways as a separate protest made up of medical professionals marched in to join them; most of them doctors and medical school students.

Some had signs reading messages like, “white coats for black lives” and others saying, “racism is a cancer.” They all had the same goals with one message they wanted to unite with change.

“Racism absolutely is a public health crisis,” Stephen Bozier said.

The crowd then heard from Stephen Bozier, a medical student at Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School. He spoke with Eyewitness News following his passionate speech.

“The conversation can’t stop tomorrow, can’t stop next week, it can’t stop next year. It’s anti-racist work, even as a black person I constantly have to unlearn the ways in which white supremacy has conditioned my mind to think about myself and other people like me and people not like me,” Bozier said.

Many doctors at the rally said while they may be from different socioeconomic backgrounds, they all stand united in the message of equality and change.