A young author who has already made headlines for releasing her own book as a young teen, has another story to share with the world.

Jackie Leduc, author of the new book, Bloody Nightmares, joined The Rhode Show to talk more about it.

When Blade Forges, a young man of eighteen, becomes aware of his prophecy, the Deathmaster, an evil entity from his childhood nightmares, comes to life with the intention of destroying the world around him. It is Blade’s journey to solve clues and fight the memories of his childhood which only brings him down. He receives help from the military and the Maxxes, a family of criminals. The only way to defeat the evil entity is to collect the three Xayvourouses (magical daggers) and to discover the source(s) of his weakness. The only problem is that he doesn’t know where to begin. As Blade becomes lost in his deteriorating world and inner mind, you, the Reader, might as well get trapped too.

Leduc will be appearing at RI Comic Con November 6-8 and Granite State Comi Con September 12 and 13.