We sat down with speaker and marketing strategist, Dana D’Orsi, about what are the differences are between resolutions and setting goals.

Research shows that 25 percent of people abandon their resolution in just the first week!

  •  25 percent of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions after one week.

    o Sixty percent abandon them within six months.

    • Resolutions vs. goals

    o Resolutions

     Often little more than aspirations or wishes without a plan

     Often vague – e.g., lose weight, exercise more, be more organized

     Feel like a “should” – not something you really want to do

    o Goals

     Specific, measurable & time-bound

     Need to know exactly where you’re going & when you want to get there – kind of like plugging your destination into your GPS

Tips for success

  • o Attach meaning to them (what’s your “why”)

     E.g., Say your goal centers around making more money in 2015…What’s that money for? Will it allow you to go on a great vacation with your family? Send your kids to private school? Renovate your home?

     When you’re clear on your “why,” it’ll motivate you to keep going when you get stuck or things get difficult

    o Make sure they feel inspiring, exciting & fun

    o Make sure they push you to stretch & grow – but don’t feel impossible

    o Have a general sense of how you’re going to get there – but only focus on your immediate next step so you don’t get overwhelmed

     When overwhelmed, people often “freeze” and don’t do anything

    o Write them down & keep them visible

     This increase the likelihood you will hit your goals by a whopping 42 percent.

     Ideas – post them where you can see them at your desk, change your computer passwords to your goals, create a vision board or mind movie, etc.

    o Limit the # of goals you’re focusing on at one time

     Productivity studies show that you really can’t focus on more than 5-7 items at any one time

     They should all fit on one 4×6 index card

    o Track them consistently

    o Tap into what motivates you – accountability (coach or accountability buddy), public humiliation (share your goals publicly), rewards, etc.

Learn more about Dana D’Orsi

Dana D’Orsi is a Small Business Marketing Strategist & Personal Growth Catalyst, the founder of Dana D’Orsi International, and the creator of the “Skyrocket Your Success” System & the “Build Your Six-Figure Business” Blueprint.

Dana’s mission is to inspire & empower others to live their missions. Through one-on-one coaching, group training & self-study programs, she helps purpose-driven women run their businesses & live their their lives by design—instead of by default.

Dana’s expertise has been featured on USAToday.com, iTunes, Today’s Innovative Woman, CEO Blog Nation, Small Businesses Do It Better, Business Among Moms, Word of Mom Radio, Patricia Raskin’s Positive Business Radio Show and in the Rhode Island Small Business Journal, FrontBurnerMama magazine and Happier Healthier Women magazine. She is also a featured expert on Solo-E.com, widely recognized as a “go-to resource” for solo entrepreneurs.

Dana is a graduate of Brown University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a graduate of Coach U, the leading global provider of coach training programs. Prior to launching her business, Dana honed her marketing skills while working for eight years in Corporate Communications & Public Relations for Textron, a Fortune 500 company.

Dana currently makes her home in Coventry, RI with her husband, Michael, their children, Sophia and Ryan, and their yellow lab, Buddy.