In search of the perfect toys this summer? This morning, we were joined by Charlene DeLoach, Creator of and Head of the Parent Panel at who shared some fun ideas for the kids.

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Pool Becomes Foam Pit!

🔅Brands Shown: Intex (Pool) & Jakks Pacific (Noodles)

* The summer kiddie pool can turn into a foam or ball pit in the fall!

* Tip: Cut up Pool Noodles for cost effective plastic ball alternative

Pool Noodles become Race Track!

🔅Brands Shown: Jakks Pacific (Noodles) & World’s Smallest Hot Wheels by Super Impulse.

* Cut a pool noodle in half lengthwise to create a fun race track.

* Tip: Use a 3M Brand Velcro tape to keep track in place.

Beach Hut Becomes Reading Nook!

🔆 Brands Shown: Nantucket Beach Hut. Top Trenz and Shimmeez by Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company (Pillows). Fin Fun Wild Things Butterfly Blankets.

* A summer beach hut can turn into a fun reading nook for kids with the addition of fun pillows and blankets.

* Tip: Theme to a playroom or a bedroom to incorporate into the décor.

Flip Flops Become Wall Art and Summer Mementos

🔅 Brands Shown: Old Navy (Flip Flops). Alex Brands (Scrapbook Kit). Crayola (Markers and Pens)

* Take flip flops and decorate them for

fun decor.

* Tip: Clean a pair in your child’s shoe

size to represent their foot size from the summer.

Have them decorate the front with washi tape, duct

tape or with markers – and write top summer

memories on the back. Save in memory box for a fun

memento from the summer.

* Age: 1+

* MSRP: $1.99

Water Blasters Become Color Blasters

🔅 Brands Shown: Nerf Super Soakers (Hasbro)

* Summer water games turn into snow art in the winter. Add food coloring to water and blast out a snow creation!