Back to school can be a tricky time for the little kids in our lives.Mom blogger and digital journalist Courtney Caligiuri joined The Rhode Show to share some great ideas to help ease the fears of small children when headed back to the classroom.Books that can help:

  • The Kissing Hand – The perfect book for young students going to school for the first time or for those who have anxiety about going to school.
  • Puddle’s New School – About a duck who longs to go to school like the older ducklings, but it’s time for him to start he’s suddenly frightened.

Fun way to help ease fears:

  • Magic Mists – Keeps kids focused on the magic of childhood! Magic Mists are fun, essential oil sprays that allow kids to feel empowered and in control!

    • The idea: Magic Mists help to create a scent association that is designed to aid in your son or daughter learning how to self-sooth.

Other ways to help:

  • Visit the new school. Or drive by it.
  • Host a play date with a child from their class so they can get to know their classmates better, meet at a park etc..
  • Develop a goodbye routine. Kids always do better when they know what to expect. Rehearse and plan your goodbyes before the start of school.