It’s the holiday season, so you may be in a panic over what to gift some loved ones on your list.

Fear not!

Will has some more ideas to help us out.

Victrola Acrylic Turntable with Wireless Speakers (199.00 At Urban Outfitters)

whirly-Board (99.00 At Whirlyboard.Com )

belkin Duratek Lightning Cable (29.99 At Belkin.Com)

belkin Apple Watch Valet Charger Power Pack (99.00 At Belkin.Com )

belkin Apple Watch Band (39.99 At Belkin.Com )

belkin Color Match Charge Kit + Cable (99.99 At Belkin.Com )

matador Nanodry Towel (34.99 Matador.Com)

Hand Warmer Power Bank (59.99 Everythingtechgear.Com)