(THE RHODE SHOW) – As parents – it can feel like every time we turn around the kids are outgrowing something – the shoes are too tight, pants are too short or the toys just aren’t fun anymore. Consignment shops can be a great way to purge some of the items you no longer need and stock up on things you really do without breaking the bank.

Owner Alexandra Marble can relate saying, “I have two small children and they grow so quick so it was always a good place for me to come and pick up a few items. Once I saw it was for sale I asked my husband and he said, ” Would you like to buy it?” and I said yes, so we did.”

Alexandra and her husband recently purchased the store on Bald Hill Road in Warwick which specializes in reselling gently used children’s items.

“It’s cash on the spot. We are the only store that does offer cash on the spot. You can do a store credit as well. I know we have quite a few regulars here who do take advantage of that store credit. I believe it’s 20 percent off when you do a store credit,” said Alexandra.

The items are then sold -at a discount of up to 70 percent off retail.

She continued, “We accept clothing, equipment, toys, shoes, books, by equipment we means strollers, bassinets.”

Hoping to cash in? Clothing should all be freshly laundered – stain free and in good condition. Staff will review the items on the spot to see what they can take.

Once Upon A Child does not accept – used car seats due to safety concerns.