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We spoke with Brent from The Children’s Workshop for the following advice to best prepare for flu season:

  1. Be strict about washing hands: Germy hands are what spreads colds and the flu. Teach your kids and family to be overly cautious about washing their hands this time of year. We should be scrubbing our hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. If your kids are having trouble taking the correct amount of time tell them to sing Happy Birthday twice, this should help make it more fun as well.
  2. Disinfect: You don’t need to spend all day spraying every surface with disinfectant. You should focus on the heavily touches items. These items could include the TV remote, door knobs, phones and tablets that may be shared, and any other type of shared toys.
  3. Use paper goods: This Is a tip if there are already germs in your house or something that has been spreading. Sometimes as much as we wash glasses or utensils sometimes we miss a few. Having paper towels instead of hand towels, paper cups and plastic utensils allows us to just throw these germs away.
  4. Plan in case the family does get sick: One of the biggest pieces of advice we can give based off what we see in our schools is to have a back up plan in case your child gets sick and you can’t take the time off from work. Maybe there is a grandparents, neighbor, or family friend that can help you out and watch them that day. Also plan for maybe having a few sick days during Flu season just incase you or your child does get sick you have that time to take off.
  5. Stock up: You always want to make sure that you are stocked with the right kind of fluids and food you may need if anyone in your house does catch the flu. Include some comfort foods for your kids like Peanut nut butter and jelly or chicken soup. Some electrolyte replacing drinks will be important as well, and of course good ole water!
  6. Rest and Routines: Whether you are trying to recover from the flu or a cold or trying to avoid it rest is going to be key! Also, be sure to get plenty of sleep that will help your body stay healthy and fight off all types of germs.
  7. Get the Flu Shot: One of the best ways to keep the flu our of your house is to get the Flu shot. This is of course a personal choice, but it is still one of the most effective ways to prevent the flu from entering your house.

These are just a few tips that will help prevent the flu from spreading. Sometimes it is just a matter of time before someone in the house gets sick, following some of these tips can also help you be prepared for that. Always try to keep in mind the R’s of flu season — Rest and Rehydrate — if you do unfortunately get sick. Hopefully reading some of these tips will help you be prepared to help prevent the spread and fight the battle against the flu.

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